Organic honey

All of the honey harvest on Miele del Doge’s apiary is certified organic.

The different types we present to you are: barena, acacia, wildflower and linden . We will give you a short description of their unique characteristics:

Barena honey

miele biologico di barena

The Barena are pieces of land that emerge from the water near and inside the lagoons of Venice. It is where the sea water meets the land and is covered with sea lavender (Limonium Volgare) which is also known as “Fiorella di barena”. The production of the honey dates back to the 1800s. When the sea lavender blooms, usually from June to September, beehives are stationed near the sandbanks to ensure the honey they produce comes from the flowers. Barena honey is a dark red color with a medium viscosity and it is characterized by a slightly bitter taste with a strong mineral trace.

Acacia honey

miele biologico di acacia

Is clear in color and can vary from transparent to a yellow undertone and has a sweet and mild taste with hints of vanilla, a flowery aroma and no after taste. It has a liquid consistency and because of its high fructose content acacia honey rarely crystallize.

Wildflower honey

miele biologico di millefiori

It is known as a polyfloral honey because is derived from the nectar of numerous species of flowers and blooming. As a result the taste, the aroma and the flavour, as like wine, will vary from season to season depending on which flowers are dominant at the time the nectar is collected. The honey captures the different scents of the island from spring to autumn. The color of the honey ranges from almost a clear yellow, to a dark orange. The flavour may remind you of artichokes and berries and will often leave you with a salty after taste.

Linden honey

miele biologico di tiglio

This honey is a light and amber color and when is pure it is possible to see green and yellow reflexes.
This type of honey is slowly crystallized. It’s color is an ivory green white.
It has a fresh and sweet minty flavor and it is very aromatic. It reminds you of mountain herbs. The flavor is intense and persistent. It is possible to accomplish a deliscious infusion when mixing with warm water (below 30 degrees) and lemon.