Mead is a fermentation of honey and water

From the greek hydro=water, and meli=honey. Mead is created by natural fermentation of a mixture of honey and water. We didn’t find which civilization first discovered it. There are archaeological founds of their diffussion in Egypt, Mesoamerica, Greece, Celtic England and the Scandinavian Vikings. So, it is probably the oldest fermentation in the world. Even before beer and wine.

In ancient times it was known as the “nectar of the Gods” Odinos favorite. It had a great importance in their culture and their mythology, so to be known in literature and tradition as the “Drink of the King”, capable of giving wisdom, poetic and prophetic inspiration to whom drank it.

The mead from Miele del Doge is produced in small quantities, by natural fermentation of Sant’Erasmo’s grape must, used as yeast mixed with honey and water. The perfume bouquet and aromas with honey and fruity notes, makes it the optimal meditation beverage. To be enjoyed alone or with some pastries or spoon desserts.

It is advised to keep in a cool and dry environment, away from direct light and heat. To be served in a tulip glass in a temperature between 43 and 47°F.