Visit & tasting

The visit and tasting in Sant’Erasmo Venice, offered by Miele del Doge, gives you the possibility to visit our apiary and to taste the honey produced by the bees from the island.

Most importantly, the purpose is to create consciousness and educate our guest about the wonderful life of the bees. A superorganism to look up to and an example of social behavior. Above all, the bees search the well being of their colony, they do not live just to satisfy their own needs.

The climate changes, the intensive use of pesticides and the parasites that feed from the bee larvae, put in great danger the existency of the beeyards. On the other hand, the bees struggle to survive free in nature, they thrive to succeed above all thanks to the intervention of beekeepers that look after them.

We believe that thru this experience, it could be possible to understand how this insect is so important to our ecosystem.

Thru the visit to the apiary and the honey tasting of Sant’Erasmo in Venice, we would want to share the legacy between the bees and the beekeepers. Most importantly, the bees cherish the environment that surrounds them. Their primary interest is the pollination of flowers and the transformation of nectar to honey. Secondly, their own wellbeing.

The execution of the beeyard visits and honey tasting:

The beeyard visits and honey tasting begins at the Chiesa vaporetto stop in Sant’Erasmo island. Meanwhile, the beekeepers will receive the guests that will present a disclaimer of responsability form filled and signed. After that, we will walk them to the beeyard.

We will provide protective onesies and masks to be wear on top of your clothing. In addition, you will be informed of the behaviour to maintain during the entire visit. Correspondingly, we will approach the beehives, were you will be able to taste the honey directly from the honeycomb. You will meet the queen bee and the working bees. You will see them perform their activities and discover all about the interesting aspects of their society. The duration of the stay is for about an hour.

After that, we will escort you to Miele del Doge’s country house, were, in a family environment, you will experience a guided honey tasting. Meanwhile, we will share all the organoleptic information regarding every single type of honey and food pairings with local produce. It is surprising to learn all the multiple culinary options that enhance the flavor of honey. That is to say, is more than just a sweetener. 

We offer the experience primarily from May to September. The duration is for about 3 hours. Unfortunately, strong winds and rain put in danger the life of the bees. That is to say, the hives will not be open on those circumstances. Children are welcome from 6 years of age and they require the presence of a parent per children. We can host small groups with previous reservations, up to 12 people, so we do not disturb the bees.

If you would want to receive more information or book a visit, please contact us on the section contact us